Saturday, February 23, 2013

~The Mom Challenge~

Hauling mounds of laundry, add soap to shopping list,
my daughter taps my arm and asks me for a kiss.


Another round of dish washing, turn dinner to a simmer,
my daughter tugs at my arm and asks if I’ll play kitties with her.


 No one picked up the Legos, and the living room’s a mess!
my daughter asks if I’ll watch while she twirls in her princess dress.


Praying I have my act together, lists and agendas in sight,
my daughter  pulls at my sleeve to ask when we’ll fly her Dora kite.


Running short on time, appointments and deadlines to keep,
 I search to discover my daughter in bed, fast sleep.

Striking a balance between work and play remains quite a challenge, easy to neglect one for the other.
Dear God, please keep this poor mom both sane and balanced!

~Sara Sorrell,  December, 2010

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