Saturday, February 23, 2013


Dusty, dirty, hopeless and worn,
nothing to offer Heaven but scorn.
scheming, pleasing, pious, a fake,
worldly honor was all mine to take.

Shallow, gossip, thirsty for truth,
looking for someone, not knowing Who.
Confused, numb, heartache and tears,
Disappointment and failure give way to fears.

Stand still within chaos, hear Voice call my name.
“Give Me your rags, your tears, your shame”.
Startled, I find there's a strong hand holding mine,
“Who are you!?” I’m filled with new hope, a new shine.

“I’m your Maker; I've written the story of your life.
The road won't be easy, but I’m here by your side.
I’ll lead and protect- place your small steps in mine,
When my voice grows faint, lean in with all your might.

Fear not what you're unable to see or understand ... Trust Me! I'll always be near, holding your hand~”

~Sara Sorrell, Nov. 2011~

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